I appreciate Armored Gopher

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Yesterday I went to Armored Gopher to play some board games. It was great. I played Settlers of Catan. I have never played this game before and I was delighted to learn how. Just having a place to go on a Sunday night to play some board games and drink some soda is awesome. This is why I appreciate Armored Gopher. I look forward to finding even more reasons to appreciate it. What do you enjoy the most about Armored Gopher?


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What do I appreciate about

What do I appreciate about Gopher.


1) The staff.  Okay Dave. [with nods to Mrs. Gopher, and Gopher Jr.]  He knows everyone.  And if he's just meeting you, he remembers you.  [And I've never heard either him, Mrs Gopher, or Gopher Jr ever tell me that I had to wait until they finished an instance before they could ring something up.]

2) The customers.  Best people anywhere.  That even includes the people that don't like me. [yes, you know who you are...]

3) The playspace.  It's a store built for gamers to play in.  Nice tables.  Awesome chairs. 

4) The "Gamer Nutrition Center".  What other game store sells Pixie Sitx?

5) The location.  I'm prejudiced here, but since it's distance from my home can be measured in feet, not miles, still awesome.

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Nods to the Nods

He totally did remember my name and I only told it to him once! And the location? Also biassed. Even when its 95 degrees out and feels like 115 I can walk there in a breeze.

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Thank You Armored Gopher


Thank You Armored Gopher for accepting an off the street n00b and introducing me to MtG. Specifically, I'd like to thank Dave for the starter decks. I also wish to thank Tom and Scott for teaching me the basics and running me through a game. There were a couple others there who helped as well. I did not catch their names, but they were munching on windmill cookies, thank you 2.

I look forward to seeing you all again, hopefully this next Tuesday.