Looking for two players for my Hellfrost Savage Worlds game . . .

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Hello all!

I'm starting up a Hellfrost Savage Worlds RPG game to run on alternating Thursdays.  For more information you can check on the store schedule, but I've still got two slots open for this game. 

Hellfrost is an interesting, but fairly standard, fantasy setting, with elves, dwarves, orcs, dragons and the like. 

I like lots of action in my games, but I also like lots of story and roleplaying. 

If you are interested, let me know, and we'll go from there.

Thanks for you time, all!


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I think I have my full six,

I think I have my full six, and I have a few more that are interested if  those six don't work out, so I'm just going to say thank you to everyone that has shown interest in this.