You Can't Take The Sky From Me - Serenity RPG

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From the mind that brought you the Deadlands:Hell on Earth and War of the Dead campaigns...not the games, mind you, just the campaigns...

Yes, I'm being an idiot and considering running a Serenity RPG game. For those 3 people who don't know, Serenity is an RPG based in the 'Verse created by Joss Whedon in his TV show Firefly. The game uses the Cortex system.

Right now, I'm thinking putting it in the Sunday slot I'm currently running Deadlands in, but that may change depending on interest. What I need is feedback. Who is interested in playing it and when people are available. If you are, please post a response here with those answers. The amount of responses will determine whether or not this happens. Also, bear in mind that while the game is set in the 'Verse, don't expect to play the Serenity crew. I'm not interested in doing Firefly season 2, but telling some of the other tales of the 'Verse.

This is still in the prep stages, so nothing is really set in stone. Right now I'm gauging interest. Thanks for your consideration.



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Count me in

1. 2. 3. nevermind..

Given that our Hell on Earth game seems to have imploded.  (I miss Jake and Tim and Loren very much right now!!!)

I'm in.


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I know there is no point to

I know there is no point to even post this, but, crap, I wish I could swing a Sunday game.  Unless Chris is playing a Companion.  Then I'd just be really uncomfortable the whole time . . . ;)

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I'm vaguely offended.

I'm vaguely offended.

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But Chris, it's just that

But Chris, it's just that everytime I go down that road, it reminds me of Brother Elias.

Or Fred Garvin.

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"Ma'am, you're dealing here

"Ma'am, you're dealing here with a fully qualified male strumpet. I service the entire quad cities area - Moline, Rock Island, Davenport and Bettendorf. Why don't you give it a whirl? What have you got to lose?"

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INSANITY!!!!!!!!!!  points

INSANITY!!!!!!!!!!  points

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it is possible...

I'm sorta interested. How's that =)

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I'm definitely interested.

I'm definitely interested. Possibly as a Companion or something else. Maybe a mute, amnesiac, gunslinger.
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Not that it's possible to

Not that it's possible to play in Serenity, but I've always wanted to play an incorporeal, invisible, blind, deaf, mute character.   I'd consider it a fun challenge!

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I'd definitely be interested

I'd definitely be interested with a dif time slot it's hard to do sundays consisently before 630 with my job

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Alternate time slots

The only other slot I could put it in right now would be alternating Wednesday nights, in place of my War of the Dead game, and not sure if I could move that to Sunday afternoons with my current player roster. I did ask for peoples' availability when I started this, so it might help if y'all told me when you could make it as opposed to when you couldn't....crazy, I know...


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The only times that I have

The only times that I have available for play are the Deadlands time slot, and Alternate Saturdays (when Squirl has his game).  So it doesn't look good for me to be able to be in this game. :{