D&D 4e: Need a new player

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Hi. Currently, I am playing in a 4 person campaign (3 Players, 1 DM), and it seems that one of our players may be taking a short break due to a busy work schedule. So we are looking for someone to step into this game (on a permanent basis) so that we can keep the game going. So I will post below a little bit about the campaign, party, and what we are looking for.

-The campaign is set in Eberron and draws heavy inspiration from Firefly/Serenity. Currently, the party was dragged into the Shadowfell by an Elven woman we framed for murder and banished to the Shadowfell.
-There is a fairly even split of roleplaying and fighting. We all agreed that this was something important to us and we didn't want to just whack at things all day.
-The DM has a few house rules (Ex: Criticals can be narrated for extra effect/bonus, limited free ritual use) and works with the players to create a more fun game for everyone.
-We meet once a week, usually on Sundays around 2pm.
-We have all the minis, dice, mats, and books needed to play,. Also, 2 players have a  DDI subscription, so we can access any book in publication if needed.

-The party is a gang of thieves. Most missions/quests involve heists, breakins, or manipulation. In fact, our first encounter was breaking into a factory and stealing the Warforged player.
-The party consists of a crazy Kenku Assassin who utilizes poisons, a Changeling Hexblade who steals everything, and a Warforged Artificer who is being worshipped as a god.
-The party is far from being boy scouts. We have no qualms stealing, raiding a hospital, or framing someone else for murder.

What we are looking for
-We are looking for someone who can roleplay well with us. You don’t need to be shakespearean but ability to improv is a huge plus.
-No one in the party is completely optimized, so keeping in a certain power range will be key. Fun characters with personality are better than twinked out but bland characters.
-There is a whole slew of minor NPCs in the story that can be fleshed out for a character, but you would not be limited to using one of them.

If this sounds interesting to you, please shoot an email to either dkaehl2@gmail.com or shadowcentaur@gmail.com