New Savage Worlds RPG - Zombies!

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Do you love zombie movies and shows? Ever wonder what you’d do if a zombie apocalypse actually happened? Do you prefer the drama and pathos of character development over repetitive combats that depend solely on die rolls and hit point totals (with apologies to the power-gamers out there)? Then this is the game for you.  Welcome to the zombie apocalypse. Welcome to a world where the dead rise and hunt the living. Welcome…to the War Of The Dead.


War of the Dead is an ongoing campaign for Savage Worlds that takes players from the first days of the zombie outbreak, all the way to a war-torn world forever changed. Very much in the vein of The Walking Dead or any George Romero film, ordinary characters are thrust into extraordinary circumstances to find out what they’re made of, to either become the best of what they can be, or to give in to the worst.


Let me stress part of that last bit: ordinary characters. There won’t be any magic or superpowers in this campaign. Characters shouldn’t have a laundry list of combat skills and edges; on the contrary, players are encouraged to have few or none at all. Knowledge will be just as important, if not more, than a gun or a sword. Combat is a part of any game, but should never be the focus of it. It won’t be here, either.


Players should concentrate on background and personality for their characters. Who are they? What do they do for a living? Where did they come from? Are they extroverted and friendly, or a curmudgeonly loner? While RPGs (including this one) are designed for a group dynamic, characters should not be constructed towards that goal. When a bunch of strangers are forced to work together, there is tension and conflict. Will they band together, or break apart? First and foremost, the characters are individuals. They’re not a team, not at first, and maybe never. That’s where the role-playing comes in.


Anyone interested in playing should post in this thread. The game will run on alternating Wednesday evenings, as close to 6:30-7 PM as possible. The first session will be character creation & discussion. I’m shooting for an April 13th start.