PFS Winter War 2017 Schedules

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Hi Guys,

I thought it might be nice if we posted our personal schedules for Winter War 2017 here so that people can can see who they will be playing with if they sign up for specific tables. It might also help Gregg in scheduling the January games.

I'll start:

Friday Afternoon: Play 8-04 Wardens of Sulfer Gulch, 7-11

Friday Night: Play 7-14 Faithless and Forgotten Part 1., 1-5

Saturday Morning: Play 7-16 Faithless and Forgotten Part 2., 1-5

Saturday Afternoon: Play 8-00 The Cosmic Captive,  5-6 (no pregens, only real characters at this tier)

Saturday Night: Play  7-18 Faithless and Forgotten, Part 3, 1-5

Sunday Morning: GM 8-08 Tyranny of Winds Part 1, 1-5

Sunday Afternoon: GM 8-10 Tryanny of Winds Part 2, 1-5




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mine, so far


Jan 27, 2017
2-6pm (GMT-08)probably have to work
7-11pm (GMT-08)GMing PFS 7-25: Orders from the Gate


Jan 28, 2017
9am-1pm (GMT-08)Free time
3-7pm (GMT-08)GMing PFS 8-00: The Cosmic Captive (10-11)
8pm-12am (GMT-08)GMing PFS 7-25: Orders from the Gate


Jan 29, 2017
9am-1pm (GMT-08)Free time
2-6pm (GMT-08)GMing PFS 7-25: Orders from the Gate
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Gregg's PFS at WW

I'm GMing PFS on Friday:

  * Fri A (Friday Afternoon) : PFS 8-06: Reaping What We Sow

I'm playing PFS on Saturday and Sunday:

  * Sat - E (Saturday Afternoon) PFS 8-00: The Cosmic Captive (changed to 7-8)

  * Sat - F (Saturday Evening) PFS 8-07: From the Tome of Righteous Repose

  * Sun - H (Sunday Morning) PFS 7-99: Through Maelstrom Rift 

  * Sun - J (Sunday Afternoon) PFS 8-11 Forged in Flame Part 2: Cleansed With Fire

I hope to see many fellow PFS Gophers at Winter War :)

- Gregg