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Hi, Gophers!

This is a forum for discussion of Pathfinder Society Organized Play at Armored Gopher Games. I hope this forum will be the place for information related to PFS play at AGG.

Eric Ives stepped down as our local event organizer and PFS Venture-Officer after our November game days. Eric carried the ball for three years, organizing our games and keeping us updated on the worldwide Pathfinder Society campaign. We owe Eric a big thank you!

Thank you also to Eric's predecessors Jeff Morse and Jared Rascher. In turn they've provided us Pathfinder Society fun going all the way back to 2008. Thanks to them, our Pathfinder Society lodge at the Gopher is one of the oldest (maybe the oldest?) continuously active one in the world!

I've agreed to take on the role of PFS Venture-Agent at Armored Gopher Games. Gopher Dave and I will work together to provide you with the best PFS experience possible. We want PFS at AGG to be fun for everyone. Please let us know how we do.


Gregg Homerding, aka PFS@AGG





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Jared was never a Venture Captain or Agent or whichever . They did not exist until after Jared stopped playing Pathfinder.
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Jared, he who was First

Yes, Jared first organized Pathfinder Society play at the Gopher during the infancy of the Organized Play campaign. Jeff told me that Jared's first Gopher table was PFS Event #14 in the world (for context, my most recent Gopher table was #83,372). Just for fun, you can check out this vintage Gopher forum from Jared. Thanks, Jared!


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PFS Gophers, what do YOU want to play?

Now that I've officially taken the PFS organizer reins from Eric, I want to hear more from our local Gopher community. I want to know what Pathfinder Society games you want to play at Armored Gopher Games. There are so many PFS scenarios available that it's sometimes hard to decide what to schedule. Add in the amount of sanctioned content from modules and adventure paths, and there's more PFS material than (almost) any one person can play.

The trick for PFS days at AGG is to schedule games that appeal to our local PFS regulars and are still accessible to newer or more casual gamers from the Gopher community. We also must schedule events that fit in a four-plus hour slot, since we don't get into the store until 12 and have to wrap up and get out by 5. Finally, and most importantly, since we depend on volunteer GMs who are willing to run games for the rest of us to play, the schedule has to include content our GMs want to run. 

PFS Gophers, what do you want to see on the PFS@AGG schedule? Please reply to this post with your comments.

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PFS GMs, what do YOU want to GM?

Today I want to post to our GMs and those who might consider joining our GM pool. A group of a dozen or so GMs is necessary for successful biweekly game days at the Gopher. With a dozen or more volunteer GMs, we can offer three tables per day on two Sundays per month without our GMs needing to take a turn behind the screen every month. Even the most dedicated GMs want to play too, and if we share the GM duties among many we can make that work.

Our current GMs are generally familiar with the rewards and expectations of being a PFS GM. GM credits, chronicle sheets, and the fun of running a Society game can be yours for running any PFS game, anywhere, anytime. For Gopher game days Dave also provides up to $12 store credit based on player fees, and I reserve a prereg spot for a player of the GMs choice and allow GMs to run whatever scenario they wish (when possible). 

GMs and potential GMs, let me hear from you! What games do you want to GM, and what do you need from me or Gopher Dave to make that work for you? Reply below or by emailing me at

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Jeff and 4 days

i have off 4 days and no games, so if enough people respond I will see about setting up a game or 2

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rules as understand or run as group

thought would ask this so we can all do it the same. 

 clerics and symbols. Do they need a hand free?   " A cleric must be able to present her holy symbol to use this ability."  I have always read it that they need to have it in hand to channel. some just think wearing  it around the neck and having it out is good enough. So, i ask, how would yall want to do this?

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Warhorn signup

Pathfinders, Gopher Dave and I agreed to resume using Warhorn for signup. I'd like to share some of the reasons why this helps us.

Warhorn helps our GMs prepare and allows everyone more flexibility when changes have to be made. Sometimes a player has to drop out last minute, or a GM will switch scenarios because there isn't sufficient interest in the event we planned. Warhorn displays those changes in real time to the entire group so everyone is aware and can adjust accordingly.

Warhorn also promotes our events to the larger Pathfinder Society community. A good example of this was at our last game day, when PFS players from Mattooon joined us. They signed up on Warhorn and came to play, which got them into the store for the first time. Our events are available to players beyond the AGG store community who haven't yet experienced what we Gophers have to offer.

Warhorn gives each player control over their own signup and makes everyone personally responsible for their participation in our games. It's not necessary for anyone to wait for an organizer or GM to act as go-between. If you want to play, sign up on Warhorn. If you need to drop out, do it yourself on Warhorn.

Information and discussion about our games is here on Gopher Dave's store website under Forum and Events. It's free and easy and available to us all, so look and post here for news about PFS at Armored Gopher Games. When you're ready to sign up to play, jump over to our Warhorn page.

If you have questions that haven't been answered here, please email me at


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Please $upport Armored Gopher Games

PFS Gophers, you may know that Armored Gopher Games has hosted Pathfinder Society play for several years. Gopher Dave is a nice guy, and he's also a businessman trying to provide for his family. We want to be gracious Gophers and help support the store when we can.

Gopher Dave asks Organized Play participants to kick in a couple of bucks each time we play. This provides minimal support for both the store and our volunteer GMs who prepare and run the games we all enjoy. You can read more about this in Dave's post here.

Another way we can show our appreciation is to patronize the store during PFS game days. Buying games, books, minis, dice, maps, snacks, or drinks during PFS events shows that we appreciate the hospitality of our Friendly Local Game Store. I encourage everyone to shop on PFS Sunday afternoons so Gopher Dave knows our community wants to help his business.

A few months ago Paizo introduced the Pathfinder Society Retail Incentive Program. It provides an in-game benefit during PFS play if players make in-store purchases the day of the game. The PFSRIP is another good reason to shop at the Gopher on PFS game days.

Thank you for playing Pathfinder Society events and supporting Armored Gopher Games.

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PFS Google document

Pathfinders, we have a community Google doc that helps us track who has played (or GMed) which scenarios. You'll find it here. There are three tabs at the bottom, so we can track play in the normal RPG campaign and the CORE campaign as well as what level characters our PFS players have.

Everyone keeping the Google doc updated helps our GMs and organizers decide what to offer at Armored Gopher Games. If you're not yet on the doc, please add yourself and indicate your play/GM history. If you're already included, please check the doc and make any needed updates. 

As a reminder, players and GMs who attend conventions (like the upcoming Winter War) should update their entries as soon as possible after the con. Sometimes there's a spike in PFS player interest after conventions, and having current information in the Google doc helps us take advantage of that for our subsequent  AGG game days.

As always, if you have questions you may email me at