4e D&D players wanted for Wednesday night game

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I'm starting up a 4e D&D campaign this Wednesday (August 3). Sessions will be every two weeks from 6:30 to 9:30 pm. See the event calendar for details.

I've got two players for certain, and a couple of maybes. Ideally, I want a party of five or six player characters. So far there's a human wizard (mage) and a dwarf fighter (knight), so we've got a defender and a controller. 

If you're interested in playing, please e-mail me at dthiel27@gmail.com. I hope to hit the ground running this Wednesday, so it would be great if you could create a 1st level character in advance. (Let me know what you've got in mind.) I plan to generate a few characters for drop-in players, just in case. And if you want to play but can't make it on August 3, that's okay; just let me know that you're interested.


--David Thiel


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Players still wanted

I currently have three players in this campaign; would like to have another two or three. Please contact me if interested!