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Hey Folks!

Welcome to the new and MUCH improved Armored Gopher Games web site. Many thanks and kudos go out to Mike Bohlmann and Squirl for making this thing happen. As many have said, it was sorely needed.

As a representative of Armored Gopher Games, I wish to invite everybody in the local (and not-so-local) gaming scene to become a part of our growing community!

peace... Dave/RHManiac


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Really liking the new

Really liking the new forums.  Hope to see lots of traffic here in the coming days!
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Thanks! I suggested that they

Thanks! I suggested that they start with just the General forum and then encourage people to organize into Groups, but that might not hold out as people use the site. Traffic for the first day was good, so I'll be interested to see what the stats are by Monday.
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Please explain RSS!

I have no idea what RSS really is.


What does it do and why do I want it?


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Looks good! Unfortunately,

Looks good! Unfortunately, one more thing to check regularly. :D



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I'll write up something on

I'll write up something on RSS feeds in the context of this site. I've become more and more of an RSS advocate for combining links to content from sites all over the place, and it makes keeping up with my favorite sites a lot less time consuming. ;)
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Thanks Mike and squirl, yay

Thanks Mike and squirl, yay sites being up and running.

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I'm the new guy that moved from Iowa, and I must say that I enjoyed my visit to your new store, I'm coming back soon, thanks guys!
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You're Quite Welcome!

We're glad you enjoyed your visit! We look forward to seeing you again! =)

- Dave (the guy behind the counter during your visit)

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