Android: Netrunner organized play

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We had six players for a first go at an Android: Netrunner tournament on Saturday, December 22. Wes was our big winner on the day playing NBN and Anarch, the only player to win all three matches in the Swiss format. Dave placed second on tiebreaks with his NBN and Criminal decks.

It looks like we'll get FFB support for some future tournaments during the 1st quarter of 2013. Dave and I need to do some calendaring around my work schedule, but this was a promising start! If you're looking for opportunities to play one of 2012's most celebrated new releases, watch for announcements of future Android: Netrunner events here at Armored Gopher!

Results: 1st--Wes, 14 PP/32 SS/50 MP. 2nd--Dave, 12 PP/24 SS/46 MP. 3rd--Adam, 12 PP/22 SS/42 MP. 4th--Glenn, 8 PP/32 SS/34 MP. 5th--Kevin, 6 PP/22 SS/26 MP. 6th--Geoff, 2 PP/30 SS/21 MP.

PP=prestige points. SS=schedule strength (1st tiebreak). MP=match points (2nd tiebreak). The maximum possible score is 6 prestige and 20 MP per match, so for three rounds a perfect score would be 18 PP and 60 MP.