Pathfinder Society -Everybody is Welcome 11/20

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Come try out the world's most popular organized play campaign!

Please sign up by commenting below (we are no longer usng warhorn for sign-ups).  If you have any questions, please contact Eric at


Table 1. 4-07 Severing Ties (levels 1-5)

GM: Lyle

1. Norm (Wizard 2 or Archer 5)

2. Rachel (Nature Druid 5 or Elemental Druid 2)

3. Anna

4. Evan (Ranger 2)

5. Frank (Rouge 2)



Table 2. Emerald Spire level 1 (levels 1-2), evergreen, 3XP module

GM: Mike

1. Jeff

2. Thaine

3. Tammy

4. Gregg (Oloch)

5. Eric (summoner 1)


Sunday, November 20, 2016 - 12:00pm - 5:00pm
5 hours
Minimum number of players: 
Maximum number of players: 


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Table 2 modified to Emerald Spire

Per GM's request, table 2 has been changed to a replayable evergreen module that the GM has previously prepared.

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You can add me and my sister

You can add me and my sister for Emerald Spire.
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table 2

would like to pencil in for table 2. will have to work out getting there.

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Severing Ties

Evan and Frank would like to sign up for Table 1.

Evan - Ranger Lvl 2

Frank - Rogue Lvl 2


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Severing Ties

Please sign rachel up for severing ties

Nature Druid 5


Elemental Druid 2

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reserving a seat (table 1?)

I'd like to reserve a seat... at either table.  If forced to choose now, I'd select table 1, but I'm perfectly willing to switch tables.

level 2 wizard
level 5 archer