Star Wars: Destiny Launch Party

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Hey, Star Wars Gophers!

Apparently Armored Gopher Games was one of the few store in the country to get in on this action! Come on in today and get a look at what is sure to be on of the hottest games of the season!

This is a casual event that encourages people to get together and lay the foundation for a SW: Destiny community.

The way this works is pretty simple...

  • Come in and buy either a "Kylo Ren" or "Rey" Starter pack ($13.50, plus tax.)
  • Play a few games using that alone with others as you each learn the game.
  • Once you have played a game with another person, a customer may buy up to six (6) Booster Packs at $2.75, plus tax, each.
  • THINGS WE SHOULDN'T HAVE TO SAY, BUT PEOPLE: These are **HARD** limits. No one person can buy more than one (1) Starter and six (6) Booster Packs for the day. We have enough product to accommodate 24 total players this way, and as we stated earlier, we are looking to lay the foundation for building a Destiny community. We are **NOT** into having just a few players hording product. If we at Armored Gopher Games find out that people are circumventing this rule in any fashion, the people doing so will no longer be allowed to play in future Destiny events here at our store. EXAMPLE: Bob wants a lot of Destiny, so he brings eight friends in to "play", and even pays for them, with the caveat that he gets all the product (9 starters and 54 boosters) in the end. At the end of the day, Bob can play events at another store from here on out due to his not being welcome at Armored Gopher Games any longer, because what Bob is doing is not building community. Bob is just being greedy. Bad Bob. No biscuit.

Beyond that, that's it! Come one in and sling some really cool looking dice in the Star Wars universe with some really neat people! This event continues until we either run out of product or the doors close!


Sunday, November 20, 2016 - 2:00pm - 8:00pm
6 hours
Minimum number of players: 
Maximum number of players: 
4 x 2 tables