New Arrivals (12-17-2016)

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New Stuff

Alchemists: the King's Golem (CGE) - $36.00, plus tax.
Android: New Angeles (FFG) - $54.00, plus tax. (2)
Doom (FFG) - $72.00, plus tax.
Warhammer 40K: IAG: Codex (GW) - $36.00, plus tax. (5)
Warhammer 40K: IAG: Index Imperialis Apocrypha (GW) -$31.50, plus tax. (3)
Star Trek Ascendancy (GF9) - $90.00, plus tax.
Pathfinder RPG: Pawns: Curse of the Crimson Throne (PZO) - $22.50, plus tax.
Pathfinder RPG: FMC: Arena (PZO) - $12.50, plus tax.(2)
Pathfinder RPG: SA4: the Whisper out of Time (PZO) - $22.50, plus tax.
Pathfinder RPG: First World: Realm of the Fae (PZO) - $20.75, plus tax
Pathfinder RPG: Path of the Righteous (PZO) - $13.50, plus tax. (2)
First Class: Orient Express (ZMG) - $45.00, plus tax.

Ordered Stuff

7 Wonders (Grant M.)
Tsuro of the Seas (Kathy S.)
Adventure Time: Card Wars: BMO v. Lady Rainicorn (Ben M.)
Adventure Time: Card Wars: Ice King v. Marceline (Ben M.)
Android: New Angeles (David R.)
FFG Sleeves: Standard Clear ((x20) Mike Z.)
Sushi Go! (Roger F.)
Dead Reign: 6: Hell Followed (Wheelz)
Pathfinder RPG: Horror Adventures (Chase M.)
Pathfinder RPG: First World: Realm of the Fae (Lance L.)
Harry Potter: Battle for Hogwart's (Jim M.)
Great Dalmuti ((x2) Roger F.)
First Class: Orient Express (David S.)
Ultra Pro: 4-pocket Binder (Steve J.)

Restocked Stuff

Warhammer 40K: SMA: Drop Pod
Warhammer 40K: ADM: SC: Skitarii SC Box
Warhammer Fantasy: AoS: SY: SC Box
Warhammer 40K: GSC: Acolyte Hybrids
Warhammer 40K: GSC: Neophyte Hybrids
7 Wonders
7 Wonders: Wonder Pack
7 Wonders: Duel (2)
Sushi Go! (2)
KMC: Perfect Fit Sleeves (20)
Coup (2)
Harry Potter: Battle for Hogwart's (2)
D&D5E: Storm King's Thunder
D&D5E: Rise of Tiamat
D&D5E: Hoard of the Dragon Queen
Ticket to Ride: Nederland map
Ticket to Ride: India map
Boss Monster: Crash Landing (2)
Ticket to Ride: Asia map
Arkham Horror: Black Goat of the Woods
Star Wars LCG: Core Set
Dominion: Seaside
Roll for the Galaxy
Pandemic: On the Brink
Dominion: Alchemy
Dice City
Cosmic Encounters: Cosmic Incursion
Star Realms (3)
X-Wing: Force Awakens (core set)
Android: Netrunner: Core Set