[IMPORTANT!!!] -- Changes on the Horizon...

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Hey, Gophers… Gopher Dave with a couple of announcements…

            First, we’ve been saying for a while that it is coming, but haven’t actually pulled the trigger yet until now. Beginning September 1st, our D&D Adventurer’s League Organized Play sessions and our Pathfinder Society events will become pay-to-play.
           The cost for this will be $2 per player, with store keeping the cash, but the GMs of the tables getting equivalent store credit to what is collected from their tables. So if a GM has a table of five players, the store will collect $10 for the table, and the GM will receive $10 in store credit.
           Why are we doing this? Well, we have been catching some flak from other segments of our customer base wondering if the MtG players and the miniatures folks have to play for organized play events, why are the RPG players not doing the same? At my heart, I had an argument against doing so, but logically, I could not entirely find fault with that viewpoint. So, in effort to provide a more level playing field, we’ve decided to go this route. We came to the $2 price point figuring that is what a player would pay for a convention game, with no expectation coming out of it other than the game. I believe it is a fair price to pay for 2-4 hours of entertainment. It’s a bargain, honestly.
           Due to this, Armored Gopher Games will be enforcing something that we rarely encounter, but it will come up more often now, and that is pay-for-play games will have table priority over walk-in/home games. Basically, if we need a table for paid game and there is a non-paid game there, the free table will get bumped. I hate doing it that way, and I don’t foresee the situation occurring all that often but we want the policy spelled out to be clear.
           [OPTION: All of our friendly “home” RPG games have the option of signing up for the pay-for-play program. It will work just like the Organized Play events; $2 per player, given as store credit to the GM of that particular game. It also means that there is a much less chance of your game being bumped. Talk to Gopher Dave if you want to make this happen.]
           [EXCEPTION: Four times a year, Wizards of the Coast likes to hold prerelease events for Magic: the Gathering. Without fail, these events occur over a weekend. I will not lie. These events make the store a **LOT** of money. Thus, on these particular weekends, a pay-for-play RPG or miniatures event will get bumped from the schedule to accommodate the M:tG prerelease. I wish our store was large enough to handle everything in those cases. It is not, and this is the hard decision that (unfortunately) has to be made.]

            Second… Also, Beginning September 1st, our hours will be changing, reverting back to our old Monday through Friday opening at 11AM. I am looking at being the one covering those hours (with a few exceptions), and so you  all will find Gopher Dave in the store more often than you have been lately, and honestly, I’ve been away far too much. This is an effort to get me back into the store on a more regular basis. It’s been a while… I’ve missed you folks, and you’ve clearly missed me. =)

            So… Guess who’s back? Back again? GD’s back. Tell a friend… =P