**EDITED** Announcement About Prices!

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Hey, Folks...

Over the course of the next couple of weeks you may start noticing small red markings on our price tags slowly overtaking the store. That is because we are in the very beginning phases of a 10% price roll-back for pretty much everything in the store.

In short, if you see a red mark on the price tag, that is the Gopher price for that item. If there isn't a red mark on the tag, you can expect to get a 10% discount at the register for that item. Basically, the red marks are there to help *US* keep track of what we have discounted in the system, and what we haven't yet.

Some prices have not and will not be changed. Mostly accessories like sleeves and card boxes, as those markups are pretty small and we were discounting on those items already.

What's this mean for the Military/Police/Fire discount of 10% that we had been giving for the last year or so? It pretty much means that everyone gets it now.

Please be patient with us, as this will take a while to get done throughout the whole store...

Peace... GopherDave