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Wow.  Cool new forum.

Just in time for this weekend's Grill and Games!


The site is live!

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The new site is live! If you have technical issues or questions, feel free to post them here. While I did a good amount of testing, I am sure there are little things here and there that could use a little clean-up.

New Website

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Special Thanks

Armored Gopher Games would like to give special thanks to Mike Bohlmann. Mike has been working diligently to bring the community not only a new presence on the World Wide Web, but also been putting up with the pain of teaching Squirl to update it. Armored Gopher Games will be making an active effort to maintain and respond to the community.

We are working on items and features that will not only create an organized place of reference, but also fill a general need that the public has been missing. We hope to create items like live news on your favorite games and game companies. Mike and Squirl are working on live active calendars as well as taking suggestions for other features such as forums. We hope to create league and tournament reporting that will have group leaders ready and on top of the game.

Be prepared to see many changes and updates to this site ask the months advance. We are hoping to offer commerce as well as be informative and accurate. Once again Armored Gopher Games would like to thank Mike for his contribution to the community.

Feel free to check out what Mike is doing at

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