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Okay, Gophers…

Here’s the immediate situation. As of right now, under advice of our lawyers, Armored Gopher Games is closed for at least the weekend, if not the foreseeable future. Though we thought we had the situation well in hand for an (almost) seamless hand-off to the original owners, Tim Adams and Jamie Fender (a.k.a., Squirl), and their partnership, we hit a roadblock with the discovery of a tax lien against the business and could not continue forward with that sale. We are working within the system to get that lien lifted, but the amount of time it will take to do so is in flux at this point. It could be as early as Monday afternoon, or much, much longer.

To that end, Heather and I wish Tim, Squirl, and the rest of their group much luck in their future endeavors. Go nuts, guys… Sorry we couldn’t get it worked out on our end.

To the rest of the C-U Gaming Community… While we are not entirely dead in the water yet, I will be the first to admit that my heart is not in it right now. It takes passion to run a game store, and while I had that passion at one time, this last 12-18 months have beaten me up emotionally more than any other time in my life. Those close to us know the bulk of the details. I won’t repeat them here. Suffice to say that outside of a few positive things, if the events that happened in 2016 to me were to somehow magically disappear, I’d be okay with that.

CLOSED: January 30th & 31st

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Hey, Gophers!

Armored Gopher Games will be closed on Monday, January 30th and Tuesday, January 31st for the purposes of inventory and tranfer of ownership.

We appreciate your patience. Armored Gopher Games isn't going anywhere anytime soon. We will write more later as we can... =)

Thank you...

GopherDave & MrsGopher (the outgoing regime)


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The holidays have arrived... The turken has been eaten and we've all awakened from our tryptophan-induced comas... It is now time to shop for gifts.

Gifts for siblings... Gifts for spouses... Gifts for friends... Gifts for children... and parents... and cousins... and yadda... and yadda... and yadda...

And I hear you say to yourselves... "But Gopher Dave... Where can I find really cool gifts at really good prices?"

C'mon... you already know the place... the Gopher, of course!

With the beginning of the month, our famed Black December sale is here, but this year, we are changing things up and keeping it simpler this time around.

For the entire month of December, you wil save an additional 20% on top of our new "10% Lower than MSRP" pricing structure on pretty much everything in the store (with a few exceptions listed below). That works out to 28% off of MSRP. (I done did the math... =P).

What **DOESN'T** this apply to?

  • Sodas, snacks, and candy...
  • Used Items...
  • Consignement Items...
  • Booster Packs and Booster Boxes of MtG and Pokemon product. (but the discount does apply to items like Intro Decks, Deck Builder's Toolkits, and Planechase Anthology)...
  • MtG singles...
  • Special order items currently on hold...

So come on in and get some Board Games, RPG books, WarhammerMaHordes figures, and so much more at 28% off of MSRP all month long! (And don't forget to get some gifts for yourself... We know how Gophers like to horde...)

Armored Gopher Games... Helping you and yours get your game on this holiday season! 

[IMPORTANT!!!] -- Changes on the Horizon...

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Hey, Gophers… Gopher Dave with a couple of announcements…

**EDITED** Announcement About Prices!

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Hey, Folks...

Over the course of the next couple of weeks you may start noticing small red markings on our price tags slowly overtaking the store. That is because we are in the very beginning phases of a 10% price roll-back for pretty much everything in the store.

In short, if you see a red mark on the price tag, that is the Gopher price for that item. If there isn't a red mark on the tag, you can expect to get a 10% discount at the register for that item. Basically, the red marks are there to help *US* keep track of what we have discounted in the system, and what we haven't yet.

Some prices have not and will not be changed. Mostly accessories like sleeves and card boxes, as those markups are pretty small and we were discounting on those items already.

What's this mean for the Military/Police/Fire discount of 10% that we had been giving for the last year or so? It pretty much means that everyone gets it now.

Please be patient with us, as this will take a while to get done throughout the whole store...

Peace... GopherDave



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I apologize for a total lack of udates on the site for a bit save New Arrivals. Over the last few months I have been dealing with some health issues of moderate magnitude, and so also has my father...

When I haven't been trying to take care of myself, I've been trying to help hold my family together, and the store has been pretty much on the back burner as of late. I'd love to say that this time of hardship was completely over, but I'd be lying. I, with the help of Skribl and MrsGopher, am still dealing with things at a certain level. These happenings are not ending anytime soon, and that has got me distracted from things that are store-oriented.

My apologies. You deserve better, and I *AM* trying... All I ask is for your patience and maybe some support... Thank you.

-- GopherDave


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Hey Folks!

Welcome to the new and MUCH improved Armored Gopher Games web site. Many thanks and kudos go out to Mike Bohlmann and Squirl for making this thing happen. As many have said, it was sorely needed.

As a representative of Armored Gopher Games, I wish to invite everybody in the local (and not-so-local) gaming scene to become a part of our growing community!

peace... Dave/RHManiac

Gopher Mafia Games

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I would like to allow those who care to know that Gopher Mafia Games is now open at 114 Lincoln Square Mall. 
Currently the Schedule is:
Monday-          Monday Night Modern
Tuesday-         Casual Commander
Wednesday-    D&D Adventures League
Thursday-        Warmachine/Hordes
Friday-             Friday Night Magic
Saturday-         Rotating Event Schedule
Sunday-           Board Games
Store hours:
Monday-Friday          3:00pm-Midnight
Saturday-Sunday      9:00am-Midnight
Phone: (217) 954-0029

Dammit! I Bought This Game And I'm Gonna Play It Day & Sale!!!

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Hey, Gophers!

It's time for another day of free play with games that are just gathering dust in your closet! You have a game that you bought but never played. This is the day to bring it in, gather some fellow Gophers, and play the heck out of it!

This day (well, weekend) is also special to us at Armored Gopher Games as it marks one year in our current, larger location! As such, we are holding a big birthday sale!

Today only...

  • 30% off of all new board games and RPG books!
  • 20% off of all new miniatures, miniature game books, and sealed MtG product!
  • 10% off of all used items, dice, and other gaming accessories!
  • No consignment items are eligible for this sale, nor do any other discounts stack with this. Sorry.

This is our way to say thank you for the love and support that you have shown Armored Gopher Games, not only for the past year, but for our entire existance!   

So join us for the fun and the savings!


April 5, 2014 - 11:00am - 11:00pm
12 hours
Minimum number of players: 

CLOSED - Memorial Day

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Hey Folks!

It's Memorial Day, and we at Armored Gopher Games are taking the day to spend the day with our friends and loved ones, and we encourage you to do the same.

We also give our thanks and appreciation to those who are serving or have served in our armed forces, who have given their time, and a section of their lives, to protect the freedom of our own.

-- GopherDave, Loquacious, Skribl, BigBank, HiSign, DoubleL, and Snow --

May 27, 2013 - 11:00am - 11:00pm
12 hours
Minimum number of players: 
Maximum number of players: 
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