Age of Ragnarok

FFG Scenario 3

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Fantasy Flight Games posted Scenario 3.  Anyone interested in playing it Thursday?

It's a 3500 point battle, but it lasts a maximum of 4 turns.

I'll build a list for it, but would like to know who might want to try it out.

Funny badmen run away

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Goblins see badmen.  Badmen have bigbigbig gun.  Master Sulfur say shoot gun badmen.  Archers find shortcut to bigbigbig gun.  Poofpop there they are.  Shoot shoot shoot.  Bad bigbigbig gun badmen fall down.  Golbarak kill other badmen.  Silly goblin bikers zoomzoom to smacksmack.  Fun to watch.  Badmen give up go away.  Goblins party like 1999.  

A battle report by GlikGlik goblin mutant.  

Goblins vs. Griffin 2500 pts.  Std. Deployment.  Random activation.

Big doggies no take bell!

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We hold bell at top of hill.

Big doggies come. Try to steal bell. Bad doggies.

Cyanhur and samurats kill some doggies!!! Very good rat servants!

Dai-bakemonos see doggies and drop poop on ground. Stand there making ground wet. Later the dai-bakemonos see smaller doggies and run at them.

Captain Krill and His Buccaneers shoot small doggies!!!

Rats kill two groups of doggies, keep bell!!!

The Rat is Pleased!


(This game report submitted by Gruja, goblin dervish, who later walked off the field holding bell, and was slowly joined by one goblin buddy after another as the rest of his army died horrible deaths.)

Age League Orginized Play

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Rackham is now doing sign ups for orginized play. I would like to sign up to start a league for two reasons. One to ry out the new system against multiple people and to give the game a chance to survive. I know that Jeff, Squirl, Steve, John, and myself can field Age of Rag armies and I don't think that anyone would mind people proxying to play in the league. The Question is is anyone willing to try or should I not sign up for the League?



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