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Android: Netrunner organized play

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We had six players for a first go at an Android: Netrunner tournament on Saturday, December 22. Wes was our big winner on the day playing NBN and Anarch, the only player to win all three matches in the Swiss format. Dave placed second on tiebreaks with his NBN and Criminal decks.

It looks like we'll get FFB support for some future tournaments during the 1st quarter of 2013. Dave and I need to do some calendaring around my work schedule, but this was a promising start! If you're looking for opportunities to play one of 2012's most celebrated new releases, watch for announcements of future Android: Netrunner events here at Armored Gopher!

Results: 1st--Wes, 14 PP/32 SS/50 MP. 2nd--Dave, 12 PP/24 SS/46 MP. 3rd--Adam, 12 PP/22 SS/42 MP. 4th--Glenn, 8 PP/32 SS/34 MP. 5th--Kevin, 6 PP/22 SS/26 MP. 6th--Geoff, 2 PP/30 SS/21 MP.

PP=prestige points. SS=schedule strength (1st tiebreak). MP=match points (2nd tiebreak). The maximum possible score is 6 prestige and 20 MP per match, so for three rounds a perfect score would be 18 PP and 60 MP.

Netrunner LCG Tournament

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Okay, Folks...

We're still working on the details, but Armored Gopher Games has decided to run a Android: Netrunner LCG Tournament just because we can. We are working on trying to get some prize support from FFG, but nothing is definite yet.

Entry Fee: $5.00

Start Time: Noon

End Time: 6PM (-ish)

Prizes will be paid out in store credit. How many people win prizes and how much each prize winner gets will be determined by the number of participants in the event.

General tournament format and deck construction rules are in the attached document.


  1. Geoff DeWan
  2. Kevin Morris
  3. Wes Hendricksen


December 22, 2012 - 12:00pm - 6:00pm
6 hours
Minimum number of players: 
Maximum number of players: 
4 x 2 tables

My game design projects

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I have several ideas that I kick around mentally, but there are a couple that I have been spending time doing active work. Here is what I have so far that is playable or near playable.

Divinity Cycle

  • Strategy board game
  • No random component
  • Turns and actions based on blind bidding
  • Have done a couple playtest sessions

Crab Boat Captain

  • Based on Deadliest Catch thematically
  • Struggling with deciding on the fishing mechanic
I have a couple at least one card game idea, and I also have a game idea inspired mechanically by the Lord of the Rings game from Fantasy Flight and thematically by the Last Unicorn.


Game Design

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This group is for people interested in game design. Since this is initially a small group, we'll keep it open for all types of game designers: board games, RPGs, world designers, card games, miniatures games, etc. If you're interested in playtesting new games that the group develops, you're very welcome as well. Hopefully once we get some momentum going, we might get together once in a while to chat or playtest.

Game design

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I know that there are other people interested in game design in the community, and I am curious if people would be interested in starting a group on this site. We could eventually start getting together once a month or something to talk about our design work and perhaps do playtesting. I know Dave does a lot of RPG game design, and I have been working on multiple board game designs off and on for the last few years. Anyone interested?
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