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Okay Gophers, as some of you may know we have a new sound system in our store! We want your input, what would you like to hear on our gopher radio? 


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Hey, Folks...


Due to a changing local game climate, Armored Gopher Games is going through a period of re-organization and re-tooling.

Beginning tomorrow, Monday, April 7th, our store hours are changing (reverting, actually) from what they have been for the last 18 months or so, back to...

SUN: 12PM to 10PM
MON - FRI: 3PM to 11PM
SAT: 11AM to 11PM

These are the hours we had when we first moved to Northgate Plaza back in February of 2009. It took awhile, but we grew into the space, and the hours, and then outgrew the space.

With the larger space, it seems that we need to spend some time concentrating on growing into it like we did the previous space. Cutting back on our open hours will allow us to cut back on labor, do more cleaning with the labor we do have, and fold shipments and product into the sales floor faster and more efficiently.

As it goes, these changes should not affect our gaming and event schedule in the slightest.

We at Armored Gopher Games thank you for your understanding in this matter and appreciate your long and continued support.

You guys are the best!

Birthday Sale - EXTENDED

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Gopher Dave decided to extend the sale celebrating our birthday! Sunday, April 6 ONLY


This day (well, weekend) is also special to us at Armored Gopher Games as it marks one year in our current, larger location! As such, we are holding a big birthday sale!

Today only...

April Events

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Our calendar gets more and more events every time I turn around! 


April 5 - Dammit! I Bought This Game and I'm Gonna Play It Day (and Sale)

April 5- Ascended Saga RPG Premiere 

April 7- Warhammer 40K KillTeam League (every Monday)

April 12- Star Wars LCG Day 

April 12- MtG: Modern Tournament 

April 17- 13th Age 

April 19- Star Wars X-Wing Game Day

April 19- Android Netrunner LCD Game Day 

April 26- MtG: Legacy Tournament

April 26 & 27 - MtG: Journey Into Nyx Pre-Release events

Plus our usual RPG slots on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Sundays! We hope there's something for everyone- check out the calendar for more details on all of these events (and more)! 

March Events

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March is just around the corner, and we have some great events scheduled for your enjoyment! Check out this list of highlights- there's LOTS more events to play in and enjoy! '
Warmachine League Play - starting March 5
Netrunner Store Championship - March 8
X-Wing Game Day - March 15
MODERN Tournament -March 15
Netrunner Game Day - March 22
LEGACY Tournament - March 29
"Learn To Play" /New Players Welcome -Pathfinder Events March 2, 16, 30
Attack WIng Organized Play- March 2, 16, 30 
and MUCH MORE!  
Sign up here on the site, in person or over the phone! 

January Happenings

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Okay, Folks...

We know updates have been a little light, but honestly, the holidays have been kicking our back sides in a good way. We've been *INCREDIBLY* busy, and thus, have fallen behind on keeping you all updated on what's happening here at Armored Gopher Games.

For January, there are a lot of events happening, including...

  • Android: Netrunner Game Day
  • Star Wars: X-Wing Game day
  • Star Trek: Attack Wing Organized Play
  • Friday Night Magic events
  • Warmachine/Hordes Free Play
  • MtG: Casual Legacy Tournament
  • Many, MANY RPG campaigns

For more details, click on the EVENTS tab up top and slide the month over to January 2014 to get an idea of everything that's going on...

We hope you 2013 was great, and that your 2014 is even better!

-- GopherDave

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